We are looking for artists to use our gallery space for the second half of fiscal year 2022 (September 2022 to March 2023).

At JAM Store in Osaka, a wall in one corner of the store is available for rent as a gallery space. Why not hold an exhibition at the JAM store, where creatives gather?

The condition of use is to print your exhibition DMs with our Retro Insatsu.
There is no charge for space rental other than the printing fee for DMs.

Please click here to see past exhibitions.

※We currently have no plans to close or change our hours of operation. We are open for business with infection control measures in place, but this may change depending on future circumstances. Please understand this in advance.

For details and application, please click here.
※Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Below is Term of Use(ご利用規約)in the application form in English.
Please make sure to read through and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

■■■■■Terms of Use ■■■■■

□ You must order the printing of exhibition invitations (DM) from Retro Insatsu before exhibiting at the gallery. 

□ The printing fee at Retro Insatsu is considered as the gallery rental fee. (The printing fee will vary depending on the printing specifications.)

The printing fee is the only charge to rent our gallery space.

□Please place your order and submit files for printing one month prior to the opening of the exhibition so that it can be distributed.

□ JAM will print 200 extra copies at JAM’s expense and send them to JAM users. 

【Period of Use】

□Please select the period of your choice on the application form. If you would like to use it for a longer period, please contact us.

【Carry-In and Carry-Out】

□ All exhibits must be carried in and out by the user (and/or their assistant). JAM’s staff will not be available to help with carry-in/out.

□ Please bring in your work after 14:00 on the day before the exhibition period, and bring out your work on the last day of the exhibition period or by 14:00 on the following day, during our business hours.

□ If you have your work delivered to the gallery before the carry-in date, please let us know in advance the quantity of your luggage.

□ No parking spot is available. There is a paid parking lot a minute’s walk away (at user’s expense). 

【Sales of Goods】

□ 20% sales commission will be charged on all sales. After the exhibition, we will pay you the amount after deducting the commission. (Bank transfers are available)

※The commission fee has been changed at 2022.09.

□ Please be sure to submit a price list and write tax included prices on all items that you wish to sell by the day before the exhibition period.

□ Please refrain from selling items and sales methods that are prohibited by law or prefectural ordinances.

□ If there are items to be shipped at a later date, you are responsible for packing and shipping them. Sales can be done at us. 

※ If you wish to sell items to be shipped at a later date, we will be sure to put your contact information on the sales confirmation form. 

【Fixtures and Fittings】

□ One 180cm x 90cm desk is at your disposal.

□ Exhibitors are requested to bring any other tools, decorative items, consumables, special display stands, etc. necessary for the exhibition.

【Setup and Exhibition】

□ Please understand that we reserve the right to refuse any display that interferes with the store’s business. 

【Cautionary Note】

□ Exhibits and performances that use fire are not permitted.

□ Please consult with us about workshops, talk shows, video screenings, etc.

【Management of Exhibited Works and Liability Waiver】

□ Although we take all possible security precautions, please be responsible for monitoring and preserving the exhibited artworks.

□We will not be responsible for any accidental damage, theft, or breakage of the exhibited works.

【Future Gallery Operation Regards to Covid-19】

□ Although we have taken precautions against infectious diseases, there is a possibility that we may have to close temporarily depending on the situation in the future. Please understand this in advance.

□ If the exhibition is temporarily closed, we will ask you to choose whether to cancel or postpone the exhibition.

□f the exhibition is cancelled, no refunds will be made even if you have paid for the DM printing fee.

□ If the exhibition is postponed, priority will be given to the next call for gallery rentals.

If the DM has already been printed, it will be reprinted at JAM’s expense within the same amount of charge.

【For inquiries about the gallery, please contact using the information below】
TEL:06-6225-8186 omise@jam-p.com