Adhesives are a printable glue used for transferring flock sheets and foil films.
You can print just like regular inks, and once it’s dried, you can heat press metallic foils or flock sheets.

Things to be careful when choosing your mesh count

Adhesive dries up quicker than regular inks, which is more likely to clog the screen. When choosing your mesh count, pick coarser ones.

If you are ordering from our online store, pick 70 mesh with a cleaning, which is even easier for the ink to pass through.

Playing with Adhesive

Here is the bird artwork that I will be using today.

Let’s experiment with adhesive and create various expressions of the bird.

(1) Print with Adhesive

The printing procedure is the same as for regular SURIMACCA ink. Make sure to print well, or the later steps of transferring will not work!

It is hard to check if you printed well because the adhesive itself is translucent. The tip is to check the screen after you have printed to see if the adhesive has successfully gone through the holes, leaving a clear screen.

◎The screen is clean

×Adhesive is still on the screen


You can transfer Metallic Foils or Flock Sheets using the Adhesive.

This is how it looks with Metallic (Silver) Foil transferred.

A glossy foil film can be transferred to create a luxurious finish.
Please check this post about Metallic Foil transferring.

This is how it looks with a Flock Sheet (May Green) transferred.

Flock gives a fuzzy and fluffy feeling to the artwork, which is fun to touch too.
Please check this post about Flock Sheet transferring.

Adhesive makes the wide and various expressions possible!

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