“MOKE MOKE” means “fuzzy and puffy” in Japanese. MOKE MOKE Mix is a special ink that you can mix with regular SURIMACCA inks of your choice and get a fuzzy and puffy finish.

It is different from the regular puff ink, so you can get an interesting expression!

I am going to introduce how to use MOKE MOKE Mix.

Things to be careful when choosing your mesh count

MOKE MOKE Mix contains particles for inflating, which is harder to pass through the mesh. When choosing your mesh count, pick coarser ones.

If you are ordering from our online store, pick 70 mesh with a cleaning, which is even easier for the ink to pass through.

Playing with MOKE MOKE Mix

MOKEMOKE MIX can be used on both fabric and paper. Test prints are recommended because the result of puffing and setting varies depending on the material you are printing on.

Here is the artwork of baby penguins that I will be using today.
I’m going to try to achieve the feel of newly grown hair with MOKE MOKE Mix.

(1) Preparing the ink

MOKE MOKE Mix can not be used on its own, so you have to mix with regular SURIMACA inks.

We recommend 【2 parts of SURIMACCA ink:1 part of MOKE MOKE Mix】 for mixing.

The more MOKE MOKE Mix, the more it will raise, however, it will not set strong to the material being printed. Also, MOKE MOKE Mix itself is translucent, but once it’s heated and raised, the color will turn white. This means that the more MOKE MOKE Mix you add, the paler the color will be.

The recommended mixing ratio is 2:1, but with the above cautions in mind, have fun exploring your own preferred ratio!

If the mixture is uneven, the puffiness will be uneven too, so mix as much as you can!

(2) Printing

I am going to use the ink that I mixed ealier using a 2:1 ratio. This time, I’m using Gray and Black.
When using MOKE MOKE Mix for more than one color printing, finish printing all the colors first, then iron them all at the end.

There is no visual difference from regular SURIMACCA inks when it is only printed and dried.

(3) Ironing

Iron the prints at the end.

Cover the dried, printed surface with a press cloth and iron.

MOKE MOKE Mix starts to expand at 120-135°C (250 to 275°F) , and the maximum expansion temperature is 175-185°C (350 to 365°F). If the maximum expansion temperature is exceeded, it may shrink instead of expanding.

For household irons, apply heat at about medium to high.
*Do not use steam.

If you apply too much pressure at this step, it will press down the inflation and you will get less of a raise. Iron with moderate pressure.

The ink rises up with a fuzzy and mossy texture once heated with an iron.

Here is a side by side comparison with the one printed with regular SURIMACCA inks only.


SURIMACCA ink only

The paler color created by MOKE MOKE Mix, combined with the fuzzy and puffy texture gives a soft, cozy feeling of the baby penguin.

Care Instructions

Printed MOKE MOKE Mix is sensitive to friction. Rubbing hard may cause the MOKE MOKE to peel off.

When washing, it is most recommended to hand wash gently. If you are using a washing machine, please turn the print inside out and put it in a laundry net so that there will be less friction on the printed surface.

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