“MOKO MOKO” is an onomatopoeia referring to puffy and fluffy texture. As it has MOKO MOKO in its name, it is a puffy ink.
It rises up once heated with an iron. You can enjoy puffy prints at home.

Introducing MOKO MOKO ink that is fun to touch!

Playing with MOKO MOKO Ink

Here is an artwork of a sheep that I will be using today.

Puffy and fluffy means sheep! I am printing the fluffy body with MOKE MOKE ink.
The sheep’s head, legs are printed with regular SURIMACCA ink (Black) first.

The ink expands when heated, so please be aware that fine designs may be squashed and lost.

(1) Printing with MOKO MOKO Ink

The printing procedure is the same as for regular SURIMACCA ink.
However, the ink dries up quicker than others, so work quickly, and wash the screen if you need to stop printing while working.

MOKO MOKO ink rises up and turns white, but the ink itself is almost transparent.

When adding heat with an iron, dry the ink well before putting the iron on top.
If you are using a heat gun, you can add heat straight up without drying the ink.

(2) Ironing

Once the printed surface is dried, add heat with an iron.

Cover the printed area with a press cloth, add heat gently with an iron that is set to 150°C (300°F).
Be careful with too much pressure or too high temperature, as it may squash the puff down.
We recommend starting from a lower temperature and adjust from there.

Once all the area is puffed up, it is done!

The translucent ink turns white and puffy.

Playing with MOKO MOKO Ink: Extra Edition

MOKO MOKO ink gives white color finish when it’s used on its own. You can also mix with regular SURIMACCA inks to achieve the look you want!

This is printed with MOKO MOKO ink with a little bit of SURIMACCA ink (Lavender).
The tip is to use only a little bit of regular SURIMACCA ink.
Please note that the lower the ratio of MOKO MOKO ink you mix, the less puffy it will be.

MOKO MOKO ink itself has white in it, so it looks vibrant on dark materials too.
The final look has a tint of Lavender ink!

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