“TSUYAPURI” means “shiny and plump” in Japanese. TSUYAPURI Powder is a powder product for thermographic glossy printing. Sprinkle over a freshly-printed surface and heat it up to get a shiny and plump finish.
You can enjoy TSUYAPURI prints at home!

Playing with TSUYAPURI Powder

Here is an artwork of jewels that I will be using today. It will go well with the shiny finish.

Let’s make it special by adding an extra step to the printing process!

(1) Print with Regular SURIMACCA ink

The printing procedure is the same as for regular SURIMACCA ink.

(2) Sprinkle TSUYAPURI Powder

Sprinkle TSUYAPURI Powder over the printed surface before the ink gets dry.

Laying waste paper, such as newspaper, on your work table helps the cleaning process later.

Shake off the excess powder from the surface. You can use a brush to remove the powder from detailed areas.

Put the remaining powder back in the bottle.

(3) Adding heat

Add heat to TSUYAPURI Powder, using a heat gun or toaster oven.

The desirable temperature for activating TSUYAPURI Powder is about 120°C (250°F).
*Be careful of fire and burns caused by heating equipment.

TSUYAPURI Powder melts by heat and gives a shiny and plump finish!

Here is a side by side comparison of the one with just regular SURIMACCA ink and the one finished with TSUYAPURI Powder.

TSUYAPURI has a three dimensional finish which you can touch and feel!

Playing with TSUYAPURI Powder: Extra Edition

TSUYAPURI Powder can be combined with Clear ink to create interesting expressions.

Here, I printed the jewel artwork with Clear ink and TSUYAPURI Powder over it…

Jewel-shaped shiny surfaces appear on paper!

Things to keep in mind

Please note that you cannot use TSUYAPURI Powder on fabrics. Use it for prints on paper.

¥550(Tax Included)
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