As the name implies, Metallic ink contains a lot of glitter in the ink, so you can make sparkly and gorgeous prints.
It is available in three colors: gold, silver, and copper.

Things to be careful when choosing your mesh count

Metallic ink contains glitter, which is harder to pass through the mesh. When choosing your mesh count, pick coarser ones.

If you are ordering from our online store, pick 70 mesh with a cleaning, which is even easier for the ink to pass through.

Playing with Metallic ink: Part One

Now let’s experiment with sparkly Metallic inks!

Here is the artwork that I will be using today. Two color printing of a planet.


The printing procedure is the same as for regular SURIMACCA ink.


Ironing with some pressure compresses the ink and increases the density of glitter, which gives you more sparkly finish!

Here is how they turned out!

Gold × Silver

Silver × Copper

Copper × Gold

Sparkling! How Cute!
Metallic ink has a high coverage so it goes well on any color of material.
You can get clear, vivid prints even on a dark colored material such as black and navy.

Playing with Metallic ink: Part Two

You can mix Metallic ink with regular SURIMACCA inks.
Add the shine to the color of your choice!

Made a couple of variations of mixed ink using Metallic ink, and printed with them.

Gold + Red

Silver + Blue

Mixing metallic ink gives you not only the sparkly look but also the high coverage on the dark material!

Care Instructions

Printed surfaces is sensitive to friction. Rubbing hard may cause the Metallic inks to peel off.

When washing, it is most recommended to hand wash gently. If you are using a washing machine, please turn the print inside out and put it in a laundry net so that there will be less friction on the printed surface.

Metallic Ink
Gold ¥990(Tax Included) Check Online Store
Silver ¥990(Tax Included) Check Online Store
Copper ¥990(Tax Included) Check Online Store