Metallic foils can be heat transferred. Print with an adhesive instead of regular inks and you can transfer sheets of foil on paper or fabric using an iron. You can achieve a shiny finish which will add a touch of class!

We stock a variety of foils including gold, silver, and holographic.

*Please note holographic film is not available at the Osaka store. Sales on our online store will be discontinued when out current stock finishes.

Playing with Metallic Foil

Here is the artwork I will be using today. Yes it’s a pineapple!

(1) Print with Adhesive

An adhesive (JAM’s adhesive is named “ホットバインダー Hot Binder”) is essential for transferring flock sheets.
Adhesives are a printable glue used for transferring flock sheets and foil films.
It can be printed just like normal ink. It melts when heated and hardens when cooled, and allows you to transfer flock sheets or foil only on areas printed with the adhesive.

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Playing with Adhesive

When transferring foil, please print with the adhesive instead of ink.

When the adhesive is printed, let it dry thoroughly.

(2)Transfer Foil

Once the adhesive is dry, it’s time to transfer the foil.

Cut the foil a little larger than the size of the design.

Place the film with the shiny side facing up, on top of the design.

Next, cover the printed area with a press cloth and iron.
For gold and silver foils, set the iron to about 150°C (300°F), and apply firm pressure for about 20 seconds.
*For holographic foil, we recommend a temperature of about 130 °C (266°F). If the temperature is too high, it may dull the foil.

Do not remove the foil immediately after ironing.
Allow the melted adhesive to cool down and harden for it to stick firmly onto the material.

When the surface has cooled down, peel off the foil slowly.

The flock sheet has been transferred successfully. Now we have a shiny pineapple!

Since the sheet is transferred, the color of the print will not be affected by dark backgrounds such as black or navy.




Care Instructions

Foil transferred surfaces are sensitive to friction. Rubbing hard may cause the foil to peel off.

When washing, it is most recommended to hand wash gently. If you are using a washing machine, please turn the print inside out and put it in a laundry net so that there will be less friction on the printed surface.

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Holographic Foil
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*No stock in our Osaka store.
*Sales on our online store will be discontinued when out current stock finishes.